Our Advisors


Florian Decludt has more than 6 years working in an international environment. He possesses a Master’s Degree in International Affairs from the George Washington University (United States) and a Bachelor’s Degree from ESSEC Business School (France). He has worked in various capacities for the US Government at its Embassy in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and in Washington, DC. He has also worked as a diplomat at the French Embassy to Botswana in Gaborone. Florian subsequently left public service and started working as a professional business developer, based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Florian currently works for a leading wine distributor in Bangkok, helping it develop and maintain its client relationships with restaurants, hotels and event organizers. He is also involved in several ongoing business ventures in sectors such as healthcare, training and import, in which he serves as a business development consultant. Due to his large international exposure, Florian speaks English, French and Spanish fluently and is conversational in Thai, German and Esperanto.

At Dragonfly Group, Florian will answer all your questions about sales, marketing and business development, including: market research, distribution channels, branding, brand identity, slogan, marketing materials and sales management.

Laurent Benoit is a French qualified lawyer specialized in business and corporate law. Laurent holds two master’s degrees in law from the University of Milan (Italy) and Toulouse (France), and has worked with leading private banks and international law firms based in Monaco Monte Carlo, Canada, and Bangkok.As an international corporate lawyer, he serves HSBC Private Bank Monaco as financial and legal advisor. Furthemore, providing corporate and legal services in Europe, Canada and U.S.A for a top international law firm based in Toronto. Currently, he is with international law firm, Juslaws & Consult based in Thailand as Counsel advising local, foreign companies, and multinationals.

Laurent currently advises corporations and high-net-worth individuals doing business and investing in South East of Asia. He has worked on international business agreements, funding projects, advising on bank regulations and cross border fund transfers, individual and corporate tax advising on business and transactions for multinational companies. Mostly, he has substantial experience assisting multinationals, private banks located in Singapore and Hong Kong, real estate development and renewable energy companies. In addition to this, he has experience in corporate law and offshore structures advising top clients from Europe, Canada, U.S.A and Asia. He works in the Italian, French and English languages.


Benjamin Lakoff is an energetic and motivated finance professional with broad and diverse experience across various business sectors including manufacturing, equity markets, banking, and lately in a more diversified and entrepreneurial organization. ​ He has developed a strong global finance experience​ through international assignments in the US, Brazil, Panama, Afghanistan, Southeast Asia and the award of his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification. He has extensive experience in strategic planning, development & measurement of business KPI’s, accounting, financial statement management and analysis, combined with a strong systems aptitude. ​
Currently, ​ he is the Global Head of Planning & Reporting for RMA Group in Thailand. RMA Group’s ​$500M+ ​ annual turnover is generated by diversified group of 66 companies across 18 different countries with a focus on the Automotive, Food, Infrastructure and Trading Sectors. ​He work ​s​ closely with the Group CEO/Owner, Board of Directors, and Group CFO and ​is responsible for the regular forecasting and strategic planning process of all Group Companies, reporting actuals to management and providing recommendations for business improvement, providing acquisition & divestiture analysis, ad-hoc analysis requests, and enforcing group global standard practices.

At Dragonfly Group, he helps clients address all things finance-related.  His innovative strategies can assist all types of companies in myraid areas of pain.  From Strategic Planning to Accounting to Funding, he has the expertise your business needs. Benjamin is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


Tom Counsell has been leading IT operations in lean startup environments for over 7 years. His passion for innovation inspires engineering teams focus in on value and customer experience. He holds a degree in Computer Science from Purdue University and served in the United States Peace Corps, Morocco. He was also featured as an Ashoka Changemaker in Berlin for his work at Anou in 2013.

He cofounded and bootstrapped an ecommerce non-profit that was later awarded a $500k grant for social and economic development in North Africa as featured in the UN World Development Report 2016. Now in Thailand, he operates Incorporeal, a software development firm managing IT operations for local and international startups. He also operates Noble Software Foundation, a non-profit initiative to bring the latest technology to grassroots organizations and social businesses focused on social and economic impact.

Over the previous 5 years he has served as CTO or similar leadership capacities for internet startups and clients: Aztrana.com, Agoda.com, CareerBolt.asia, CopyKnot, Natural Selection Promotions, Anou, and OpenEntry.